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Apatite Rosary style beaded necklace
Apatite Rosary style beaded necklace
Apatite Rosary style beaded necklace
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Apatite Rosary style beaded necklace

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This blue neon colored beaded necklace made with Apatite beads in rosary style with silver 925 gold vermeil tiny beads.  This gorgeous necklace features tiny genuine Apatite gemstones hand wired to form a delicate necklace. A thin Gold Vermeil 24K chain accompanies the line of stones to give the necklace a beautiful layered look when worn.


- Apatite gemstones 2mm
- Gold Vermeil 24K wire and clasp
- Choose length at check out
- Model wearing 16 inches long

Makes a great gift or the perfect necklace to wear on special nights! Absolutely stunning on!
Also for friends, birthday presents, bridesmaids or as a little present for yourself. It is delicate yet durable.
This Necklace is so easy to put on and off!


Each item is beautifully packaged in a letterbox friendly, hand stamped jewelry box made from 100% recycled paper. Orders can be sent directly to recipients by filling in their addresses at checkout. You can leave a message for the recipient at checkout and it will be included in the box.

About Apatite

The December birthstone

Apatite is a dual-action stone, known for its positive use of personal power to achieve goals. It clears away confusion, apathy or negativity, then, stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge and truth, which may be used for personal growth or for the collective good.

The term “apatite” was put into use in 1788 by Werner. Apatite stone is calcium phosphate, it usually occurs in the form of solid granular mass.

Rarely come across burrowing into the rock some of its prismatic crystals. Opaque crystals can reach with huge size. For example, in Canada were found apatite crystal weighing over 200 kilograms and a length of about 2 meters!
Much less common are small transparent crystals, which are of value as raw material for jewelry work.

To the stone, suitable for jewelry processing, include transparent apatite gems, with a beautiful color, usually yellow or blue. So the crystals are traditionally attached faceting. Of the less transparent apatite usually make cabochons.

Weight of apatite jewelry is usually not more than 5 carats. Less common stones weighing 15-20 carats.


It is believed that yellow apatite can have a healingl effect on the whole body. In particular, they affect the solar plexus (Manipura Chakra).

Along with aquamarine blue apatite can also affect the chakra Vishudha. Hence the healing effect of this mineral in the throat, vocal cords and thyroid.
Together with quartz blue apatite crystals can be used to harmonize the physical state.

It believed that blue apatite amulet is able to cool the flaming emotions and cause the owner tranquil and slightly drowsy state. Not accidentally called apatite “appeasement stone”.


About the material:

*******STERLING SILVER is a mixture of pure silver and some other metal, usually copper. The resulting alloy gives the silver strength. The standard is at least 92.5% silver. Hence the .925 stamp you see on some sterling silver items.

**** GOLD VERMEIL is sterling silver that has been gold-plated. Most of our vermeil is plated with 22K-24K gold. This is a good combination for those with allergy to normal, plated jewelry items. The difference between vermeil, and gold-filled, is in the thickness of the gold and the base metal used. In vermeil, the base is sterling silver.