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Your Guide to the Garnet Birthstone

The January Birthstone Garnet


The January birthstone comes with a wide range of different properties that can aid in metaphysical healing. It has also been known to act as a token of good fortune.


As you continue to find out more about the January birthstone, or better known as the Garnet birthstone, you'll find that the meaning often overlaps naturally with the characteristics of people who are born in January. You'll also come to be aware of the fact that there’s a hardiness, a sensuality, a sense of luxury, and work ethic to both this stone and to people born in January.


So, what does this mean for you? Well, simply that you should now expect great things as this Garnet birthstone begins to mesh with your character so perfectly. Whether you believe it or not, your birthstone has a host of attributes and qualities that can affect your destiny.


Whether you’re simply curious about your Garnet birthstone’s significance, want to add it to your gemstone collection, or are looking to purchase some beautiful birthstone jewelry  - it’s always in your best interest to know what you're dealing with.


The Meaning Of The January Birthstone

The Garnet birthstone is usually described as a rich, vivid, intense, and utterly splendid semiprecious stone. Over the years, it's been known to bring good health, peace, and prosperity to your life and home. In fact, this is probably the most perfect piece of birthstone jewelry you can offer to somebody after the year we all just had.


This January birthstone is of a beautiful, deep red tone that is revered as it is popular. For a long time now, it's been used as a protective talisman. According to century-old legends, wearing or owning a Garnet ensures health and success because it’s believed to carry curative powers.


It’s also referred to as the ‘gem of faith’ because of its power to bestow eternal happiness, health, and wealth on whoever wears it, on top of the powerful shield that is created around you for safety and protection.


The History of the January Birthstone


Garnet birthstones have long been associated with power and fire. In ancient times, Egyptians recognized the January birthstone as their symbol of life. So much so, that their healing properties go as far back as the Bronze age with remnants of Garnet birthstone jewelry found in graves in Czechoslovakia.


In addition to this, you would also be able to find warriors wearing it as a talisman to guard them against injury and death. Whilst at the same time, ironically, it’s also believed to bring peace and serenity to whoever wears it.



What Are The Key Traits Of The January Birthstone?


The Garnet birthstone symbolizes love, constancy, faith, and loyalty. If you’re lucky enough to have your birthstone as a garnet, you’ll often find that you are more protective and supportive of the people you love. In addition, it’s also said to boost the self-image, energy levels, confidence, and willpower of the wearer.


Despite this stone’s highly grounding nature, people who have Garnet as their birthstone are very sensual. They have strong and intense feelings that propel their big romantic dreams, and they have the tendency to throw themselves into their relationships. It’s all out or nothing at all.


Wearing Garnet birthstone jewelry allows you to carry around many positive traits like protection, faith, friendship, purity, truth, and victory.


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