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Turquoise the December Birthstone

Turquoise, born in December, is one of the first-ever gemstones to be mined in the rich history of our beautiful planet, it dates back to the times of lore and legends, and is known for its intense, gorgeous blue-green therapeutic colors. Coming up, you’ll find everything you need to know about turquoise, the December birthstone.


 The Turquoise December Birthstone Throughout History

Turquoise, one of the world’s oldest gemstones, has been around for centuries. Its name derived from the French expression ‘’Pierre torques’’ which when translated to English means ‘’Turkish stone’’. It’s assumed that based on this translation, this prepossessing gemstone was first discovered in Turkey. However, it did not stay in Turkey for long.


This breathtakingly beautiful gemstone was buried in Ancient Egyptian tombs that date back to 4,000 B.C. To put it into perspective, the jewelry found in these tombs are some of the oldest pieces of jewelry in the world.


One of the biggest fans of the turquoise gemstone was Montezuma II, an Aztec emperor. It’s known that he gifted this gemstone to Hernan Cortes, a conquistador from Spain. The Aztec emperor believed that Hernan was a Quetzalcoatl God who would rule over and protect the Aztec empire.


The long history of the December birthstone doesn’t end there. In fact, it also made a number of appearances throughout modern history. Queen Mary had a collection of Persian turquoise jewelry, including a dazzling tiara, necklace, brooch, and earrings. The Persian turquoise tiara was eventually passed down to Princess Margaret, who wore it until her death in 2002.



What Is the Meaning of the December Birthstone?

This eye-glistening December birthstone has been known to represent a wide range of positive personality traits. This includes happiness, honesty, and spirituality. Additionally, those who hold it have had an outburst of feelings like strength, serenity, and creativity. 

 What’s more? The benefits of the December birthstone don’t stop there. It’s also thought to be a protective stone that throughout centuries, has been used for amulets. Amulets represent a small piece of jewelry that has been used to give protection against evil, danger, and vicious diseases. It is said to dispel all traits of negative energy and provide protection against environmental pollutants.

 Over the years, people have also been using it to enhance intuition as well as release inhibitions and prohibitions. These are what allow your soul to express itself and feel free. It’s a huge promoter of self-realization and has been said to assist in creative problem solving, and calming the nerves of those who get anxious when speaking in public.

 Legends say that if you were born in December, then you’ll have a good fortune of prosperity in your coming years, and even the potential chance of rebirth.



The Health Healing Properties of the Turquoise Gemstone


The spiritual benefits of the turquoise gemstone are not all that are received. In fact, it has also been known to aid in the absorption of nutrients, enhance one’s immune system, stimulate the regeneration of tissue, and heals the whole body. The anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects alleviate cramps and pains, purifies the lungs, soothes and gets rid of any signs of sore throats, and heals the eyes.



Traditional Turquoise Jewelry Gifts


With Christmas just around the corner, the Turquoise gemstone could prove to be that perfect gift for:

  • Those born in the month of December
  • The person that you love, strengthening their power of positive thinking
  • Those who would like to promote strength or creativity in their daily lives
  • Engagements, anniversaries, or 5th or 11th wedding anniversaries

 The best part? This incredible December birthstone is a truly inexpensive gemstone that comes with an extensive amount of history. This makes it so easy to incorporate into both fashion, spirituality, and fine jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a Turquoise gemstone ring, earrings, bracelet, or necklace, you’re sure to a beautiful choice available for any occasion.



The Rarity of the Turquoise Gemstone


In its truly natural form, Turquoise is extremely rare and accounts for less than 3% of the Turquoise available on the market. However, if Turquoise is stabilized, it’s much more common.

 Stabilization means that the stone has been treated in some ways to deal with two main problems that are associated with a lot of Turquoise gemstones out there.

 First of all, it might be treated for its softness and porousness. This will commonly be done with a clear epoxy resin. The resin, when under pressure, absorbs into the rock. This permanently hardens the rock making it tougher and more suitable to be used as jewelry.

 The second common form of Turquoise that people will find on the market is the color enhanced and stabilized Turquoise and reconstituted Turquoise. This is quickly becoming more common as good quality Turquoise’s rough material gets more difficult to find.


Turquoise Jewelry From Feel Free Jewelry



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