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The Ultimate Guide to Aquamarine Birthstone

A Guide to the Aquamarine Birthstone


The Aquamarine birthstone is a valued member of the gemstones' beryl family, including the embark, heliodor, morganite, and goshenite.


Aquamarine distinguishes itself by its pale blue to bright blue color, caused mainly by iron throughout its chemical composition.


There are so many aquamarines on the market; although, you may find them in paler and darker colors. That's because most aquamarines have been heat-treated as a color enhancement method. A yellowish, greenish, or bluish-green beryl can be heat treated to produce a stable blue color or irradiated to make the yellow of heliodor.


Used most often with the Throat Chakra to enhance spiritual communication and to clear communication blocks. Aquamarine helps to promote verbal self-expression.


Where is the Aquamarine Stone Usually Found?


Aquamarine is usually found in the tropics of Africa and Brazil. However, the March birthstone can also be mined in Australia, China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Madagascar, Russia, the USA, and Sri Lanka.


Throughout the 1950s, a famous and historically-significant deposit of Aquamarine was discovered in Minas Gerais, Brazil. From this, the gemstones were revived and ultimately became known as Santa Maria Aquamarines. In fact, there are so many gemstones in this specific location that are highly sought after for their intense blue tone, the Aquamarine gemstone is just one of them.


Distinguishing Features of Aquamarine


Aquamarines boast a hexagonal-shaped long prismatic crystal. If you’re lucky, you'll be able to find striations, and rectangular etch marks that sit on the prism surfaces.


Is Aquamarine a Lucky Gemstone?


Centuries ago, sailors believed that Aquamarines had a calming effect on the ocean. Often, when finding themselves confronted with the dangers of the big blue, many sailors welcomed any good-luck symbol available. This beautiful gemstone is known to carry with it good luck and good fortune for many sea travelers for this simple reason alone.


Health and Healing Gemstones


In addition to luck, the Aquamarine also symbolizes youth, and the spirit of hope. Many people have long associated this beautiful gem with healing properties, faithfulness, and lasting love.


Furthermore, several people carried this crystalline gemstone with them on all occasions in order to cure specific ailments and encourage overall good health. In some cases, this could refer to healing conditions of the liver jaws, throat, stomach, and toothaches.


Romantic Properties of Aquamarine


This unbelievable gemstone also brings happiness to marriages across the globe. The Aquamarine birthstone's relationship between love and romance truly makes this gemstone the perfect choice for a loved one's jewels.


Spirituality and Clarity of Thought


Aquamarines extract the innocence attached with crystal clear waters and stimulate recreation activities combined with the big blue sea. It's here to calm, soothe, and cleanse-to encourage truth, faith and promote clarity of understanding.


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