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The Mystifying Beauty of the Emerald Birthstone

The notoriety of emerald jewelry has consistently surpassed many other precious gems. Let’s find out what’s so special about the Emerald gemstone.


The Mystifying Beauty of the Emerald Birthstone


For centuries, emerald birthstones have been cherished for their ambiguous beauty and mystical grace. The emerald is an intensely alluring precious gem. It has a stunning color that is completely unmatched in elegance, with shades of vibrant green that mimic mother nature's rolling hills and grassy meadows.


The emerald gemstone fits perfectly as a tribute to spring's flowery month of May, which makes it the official birthstone of those who reap the rewards of good fortune in celebrating their birthday this month.


A flawless fit, as the color green is typically connected to renewal, wealth, prosperity, health, and detoxification.


Here, we'll dive into the beautiful Emerlad's history,


The History of the Emerald: Enchantment Throughout the Centuries


Its name comes from the French word "esmeralde," which is derived from the Greek word "smaragdos," - which translates to "green stone."


Emeralds date as far back as 2.97 billion years ago. They were first discovered in South America, during the 16th century as Spanish conquistadors explored the New World. However, the Incas had prized emeralds for their mystical beauty for hundreds of years before.


At the same time, emeralds were cherished as the prized possessions of the Mogul emperors of India. They believed that emeralds were powerful talismans that offered the wearer protection of the gods and dispelled evil spirits.


The mysterious Emerald gemstone is well known to have been Cleopatra's favorite precious gem as it was worn as jewelry in ancient Greece and Rome.

Emerald Gemstone Meaning and Lore

The Emerald birthstone boasts various meanings that originate from different beliefs and cultures. In classical mythology, the stone is attributed to Venus, the goddess of love. It is also sometimes referred to as the "stone of successful love" and is said to promote loyalty, passion, and domestic bliss, as well as to instill sensitivity while helping to quiet confronting emotions.


Throughout time, legends profess that emeralds will bestow the wearer with an ability to foresee the future and bring truth into an optimistic view.

Some also believe the emerald to enhance memory and intelligence, while others consider the stone to have the power to cure disease.


Emerald's Eternal Charm


The notoriety of emerald jewelry has consistently surpassed many other precious gems. With its fever-green sparkle, and lush blue-green tones of tourmaline, the emerald continues to be loved and admired to this day.


Emerald's charm is truly eternal. Recently, there has been a resurgent popularity of colored gemstones. They're instantly striking and captivating in their beauty, which makes this glorious gem an unforgettable gift for a loved one who celebrates their birthday in the month of May.


 In the US, emerald jewelry is traditionally given to celebrate a 20th, 35th, or 55th wedding anniversary -an appropriate applause to signify lasting love and devotion.


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